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Rugs inspired by Turner watercolors

Rugs inspired by Turner watercolors

Zigler Alfombras Originales jun 21, 2018 Uncategories 0 Comments

We are back! This summer we did not want to leave you without some of our posts about art and carpets. Have you ever commented to us that our rug store in Madrid It looks like an authentic art gallery, because of the original design and the spectacular pieces that we keep in it. Since the blue rugs  they are fashionable and are part of the deco trends for this year, we thought about bringing you two magnificent modern carpets that you can buy in our online store or see them in great detail in the carpet shop we have in Madrid. 

They are two pieces of the Abstract collection we will show you below. They have a secret, both rugs are inspired by the painter's watercolors Joseph  Mallord  William  Turner. When creating these designer rugs we wanted to capture the colors and the essence of one of the artist's best-known works: The  Mewstone.

Watercolor rugs

We managed to create two original rugs  with designs in blue, white tones and the presence of some earth colors. They seem to blur a landscape, like a Turner watercolor, in which abstract images are captured through blurred brushstrokes.

The website Sothebys It collects a perfect description of Mewstone: "In this dramatic watercolor, Turner represents the imposing form of Mewstone, an island that is one mile from Wembury Point in Devon. Wrapped in a rough sea and a thunderous sky, the rock seems to be attacked by a violent storm. Turner had experienced these fierce elements firsthand during his stay in Plymouth during the summer of 1813. His friend Cyrus Redding (1785-1870) recorded the memorable occasion when they sailed past the Mewstone on their way to Burgh Island in Bigbury Bay. He noticed that the passage was extremely hard and, although "others became decidedly dizzy, Turner sat on the aft sheets staring at the sea, and was not affected at all by the movement". Although Turner was able to create several sketches of the Mewstone quickly drawn in his Plymouth and Hamoaze Sketchbook, the weather on this trip seems to have prevented him from continuing to work on the subject. "

This work was a recurrent idea for the painter: Mewstone at the entrance to Plymouth Sound (1814), the mezzopintura The Mewstone (1823) and a last one from 1824 with more color.

The sea, the blue sky or the dramatic landscapes are shaped perfectly by Turner. This scene reveals the immensity of nature in its path, a theme that makes you reflect on how much we owe at random?.

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