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More than 30 years at your disposal

In 1986, Zigler opened his carpet showroom in the Barrio de Salamanca in Madrid, finding the perfect carpet for individuals and professionals from all over the world. Our extensive collection of abstract, geometric and smooth rugs, patchworks, kilims and antique rugs It makes us find the perfect piece for you.

Our services

1. Free trial

2. Tailored rugs

3. Expert advice

4. Cleaning and restoration of rugs

Other exclusive services

Free shipping

Zigler sends all your carpets free to anywhere in the world. Check the delivery terms and conditions for Spain and other countries.

Provision of free anti-slip felt

We work with the best anti-slip felt on the market.

For all the carpets we sell, we give away the felt and its installation. With this we achieve that the carpet is fully stretched, without wrinkles and that the texture at the time of use is perfect.

If you already have a carpet and want to buy our felt we will move to your home and we will install the felt to your carpet. Or if you prefer we can send it to your house by mail. You just have to give us the full measure of the carpet and we will calculate the felt you need, cut it a few centimeters less than the size of the carpet so that the felt is not visible. We have it in cloths of 1.50 m and 1.90 m and sold per m2. If several felt cloths are joined in the center and the carpet is installed.