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Abstract Silk and Wool Rug. Abstract Design. 3,00 x 4,25 m

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Contemporary rug handmade in 100% silk and wool. These types of rugs arise as an evolution of classical Persian rugs, deconstructing the designs and eliminating the borders to provide the spaces with greater breadth and modernity.

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Contemporary rug belonging to the abstract collection.

- Handmade in silk and wool in the craft workshops that the firm Zigler has in pakistan.

- Its tonalities are not uniform with what this type of rugs are very functional when it comes to decorating with other fabrics.

- Its texture is incredible, when mixing silk designs with a wool structure which provides a sensation of constant softness when it is used.

- Deconstructing the central medallion and blurring its borders. It is a perfect blend between the old and the contemporary.

- It will provide luminosity when using silk and warmth in the environment due to the tones used.

- Our customers love this type of pieces in a modern dining room or in a living room with neutral furniture where the protagonist is the rug

- For an entrance hall is a perfect piece because you will enjoy its design in its entirety.

- On a wooden floor its tones will be perfect, on marble it will be modern and spectacular due to the contrast against the floor.

- It is a unique rug, although if you want it in another size we can make it exclusively for you.

- The price of the item includes packaging, insurance and transport of the article.

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